our factory, high quality breast caps from audited slaughterhouses are cut, trimmed and packed in vacuum bags, gasflushed in trays, and packed in layerpack loose.

Packing is possible per kg or number of fillets, according to the preferences of the customers. Several different weights can be packed, such as 1×15 kg, 1×10 kg, 2×5 kg, 2×4,5 kg, 2×4 kg, 4×2,5 kg, 8×2,5 kg and 10×1 kg. Different numbers of fillets per pack can be counted, such as 5×10 pcs, 10×5 pcs, 2×20 pcs, 2×25 pcs, 2×30 pcs, 2×35 pcs, 2×40 pcs and 2×50 pcs.

Every day the company produces single and double chicken fillets, skin on or skin off, with or without inner fillet. High-tech filleting and weighing equipment enables us to sell a range of well-calibrated chicken breast fillets to the market. Single chicken breast fillets can be calibrated between 70g and 350g. Fully implemented quality systems, including full traceability, assure safety and guarantee the quality of our products. Products can be packed in pre-printed vacuum bags, plain white cartons, pre-printed cartons, trays with different colours, gas-packed, and crates.

The following other products are offered as well:
– Chicken thigh meat with skin or skinless, with bone or boneless
– Chicken baader meat 3mm white breast meat
– Chicken breast skin
– Chicken wings (1st joint, 2nd joint, 2-joint without tip, 3-joint wings)
– Chicken legs (with or without backbone)
– Chicken drumsticks
– Chicken thighs (with or without backbone)
– Chicken supremes
– 9-way chickens
– Saddles
– Legmeat (with or without skin)

Furthermore, specialities such as smoked chicken fillets and cornfed chicken, including fillets and bone-in products, can also be supplied.